Hello and welcome to my practice. I am a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Durham, NH.

We all know that good mental health is an essential component of overall health. And that’s important to everyone.  We also know that stress and some of the challenges we face in everyday life can take a toll on our physical and mental wellbeing and also on our most important relationships. The good news is that therapy can help you build the cognitive and emotional skills you need to reduce stress and its negative effects.

I specialize in working with adults wanting to address emotional, mental, and health-related challenges in order to develop more resilient, effective, and healthy lives. Specifically, I work with adult clients to help them manage anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationship and family conflict, grief and loss, and chronic or unexpected health crises.

I use a collaborative, strengths-based approach to help clients better understand their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in the context of their relationships with others and their life experiences.  Whether you have short term goals or longer term issues, in the process of our work together, we will seek to expand the necessary skills to cope with the challenges life presents, and enhance the health of mind, body, and relationships.